TcubedPrint to Pager Interface      
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Prt2page Icon    This application allows selected serial data to be sent to an Alphanumeric pager. 
The Prt2Page configuration file defines which data received from the input data stream will be sent to the Paging Server.  The Prt2Page.Cfg file also defines which serial port data will be found on, if and how logging will be done and end-of-line termination characters.  A local Alarm (beep, tone siren, whistle or Wav file) can be sounded anytime that a page is sent. 

The Prt2Page.Cfg file defines which key it must find in the output line in order to send a page.  It also defines where to start searching in a line, how many characters to search and how many to send after the key is found.

This application does not interface with the Event Processor, other Alarms cannot be based on pages being sent from the Printer to Pager application.

A typical Printer to Pager screen is seen below.
prt2page_s1.gif (7531 bytes)

The Pages and options tab shows which pages have been sent and it defines which pager or group of pagers the output page will be sent to.  The following is a typical screen display.
prt2page_s2.gif (9865 bytes)

Last Modified: February 11, 2003