ProxWiz Icon    The Proximity DB Wizard used to assign tags/pictures for ProxPic applications. 
The ProxWiz application is used with the ProxPic applications (ProxIO & ProxPic).   This application is a "Wizard" application which makes it very easy to assign and manage badges, items and pictures used with the ProxPic applications.   This application will typically appear as seen below when waiting for a prox badge to be presented (ProxIO must be enabled to send to ProxWiz)
proxwiz_s1.gif (4577 bytes)

When a badge is presented. ProxWiz will either indicate that it is a new badge, or show the old badge data for editing.  The following is what is seen when a new badge is presented.
proxwiz_s2.gif (5975 bytes)
Clicking on the Add Command button displays the available data entry fields.

In the example below, we have selected Item Id 50000 to be used with this prox badge.   We have entered the user's name and description.  The Select Photo button was used to select the individual's photo.  When finished with the date definitions the Add button is selected to update the Database (and Event Processor information).
proxwiz_s3.gif (18634 bytes)

The Reports screen gives the ability to produce a report by Prox BadgeId or by Item Id.   The screen below shows the Reports options and typical screen display.
proxwiz_s5.gif (6732 bytes)

A typical section of the ProxWiz Setup Report would appear as follows (print preview).
proxwiz_s4.gif (11265 bytes)

Last Modified: February 11, 2003