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PAview Icon    Executone's Patient Track client viewing application 
This application is a part of Executone's Patient Tracking application suite.  This application allows any number of PC's on a network to view the patient tracking information.  Timed alerts can also be activated from any/all remote viewing locations.  A typical Patient View screen is seen below.
paview_s1.gif (12465 bytes)

The configuration of Patient View is similar to that of Patient Track.  A filter is defined for the items to be used in the Patient Track application.  The initial Location (this is the timed location) is defined and if a subset of locations are to be monitored this is set via the location Group Definition.  A typical Patient View Status & Option screen is shown below.
paview_s2.gif (16539 bytes)
The sound definitions define if a tone will be generated anytime a Patient has been at the initial location more than the "Greater than" time.  If this tone is to be repeated every minute then the Remind on Minute check box should be selected.  All of the time values are user definable via the paView.cfg file.

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Last Modified: February 11, 2003