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Pager Icon    The Network Paging Server is used to send alphanumeric pages.

This application is designed to interface with on-site paging transmitters as well as with local or national paging companies.  The type of paging transmitter/service is specified in the Pager.CFG file.

Support is provided for the following premise paging systems:

bulletMotorola People Finder
bulletService Alert
bulletAny TAP protocol system

The Paging Server supports incoming communications via DDE, NetBios and TCPIP.   All of these protocols can be utilized simultaneously.  Several EPS applications are paging enabled to send alarms/alerts, warning messages, system information out to alphanumeric pagers.  Your will typically have only one Paging Server per network, although it is possible to run multiple Paging Servers; one might be for on-site paging the other for Local paging.

The Paging Server interface is quite simple.  The Status tab displays indicate how many pages are waiting to be transmitted, how many have been transmitted, the last transmit status and the communications port being utilized.  The screen below shows a typical Status screen.

pager_s1.gif (4553 bytes)

The Paging Server connection tab is used to display and diagnose the communications interface with the paging system being used.  This interface and display varies based on the paging system you are interfacing with.  The screen below shows a typical Connection screen.

pager_s2.gif (3222 bytes)

The Exception tab displays any incoming or outgoing error messages, each with a time stamp indicating when the error/warning occurred.  The screen below shows a typical Exception screen.

pager_s3.gif (2734 bytes)

The Pages Sent tab shows the date/time, pager and messages that have been transmitted.
The screen below show a typical Pages Sent screen.

pager_s4.gif (3393 bytes)

When the Quit command is selected a password must be entered before the Paging Server will be shutdown.  Since the Paging Server can be used by any number of applications it is important to insure that it is not terminated by someone without proper authorization.   The password prompt allows this authorization to take place.  The screen below shows the password prompt screen.

pager_s5.gif (4673 bytes)

PageNow Icon    The PageNow application can be used to send a user defined Alphanumeric page.

Last Modified: 11 February, 2003