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The following companies sell or utilize the Event Processing System.

Link to ExecutoneSpecializes in IR Tracking in the Health Care Industry.

Link to Guardian  Specializes in Assisted Living Emergency Response Systems.

Link to NewId   Specializes in RF Data transmission products.

Tractec LogoSpecializes in Factory Automation Applications.

The following companies produce products that have interfaces to or from the Event Processing System.

bblogo.gif (1598 bytes) Produces Serial communications products RS-232/422/485.

calogol.gif (39947 bytes) RF Technologies Produces Wandering Patient Products

cotaglogo.gif (1940 bytes) Produces Wandering Patient Products

Link to EECI Produces Digital IO Products

jtechlogo.gif (3491 bytes)Produces On-Site Premise Pager Systems

motlogo.gif (3996 bytes) Produces On-Site Paging Systems and Pagers

salert2.gif (3461 bytes) Produces On-Site Paging Systems

sklogo.gif (2440 bytes) Produces Security Products

SimplexA.gif (6520 bytes)simplex2.gif (1631 bytes) Produces Fire Systems


Last modified: February 11, 2003