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EPSsetup Icon    The Event Processing System Installation Utility 
The EPS setup utility is use to install or update a EPS System.  The following screen descriptions should give some Idea of how the installation process is accomplished.  The first screen is used to establish what type of installation is to be done.  All installations need to have at least one Server Installed.  If the system is to be used standalone then nothing should be changed and the Continue command button should be selected.  If the server is going to be networked then either the NetBios or TCPIP protocol should be selected.  If this is not changed at installation time it can be changed later via the WinDirs utility.
epssetup_s1.gif (6570 bytes)

If a Client install is to be done then the networking of Exe's or Exe's & Cfg file must be selected.  This will usually be Exe's only.  The Default EP node is used to select where the Event Processor will be found for NetBios, For TCPIP the default TCPIP address is specified.
epssetup_s2.gif (7179 bytes)
If doing a client installation, the location for local files and the location of the existing event processing server files (Exe's) must also be specified.  This location of the EPS Server files must be on a mapped drive.
epssetup_s3.gif (5068 bytes)

Once the installation directory has been specified, the next set of options determines what applications will be installed. The screen below is a typical setup option screen.
epssetup_s4.gif (10072 bytes)
Note that this list of applications scrolls, as you scroll down other applications will be displayed.  Place a check mark next to any applications that are to be installed.
epssetup_s5.gif (10057 bytes)
For a new installation, the CFG file installation should be Overwrite, otherwise Merge is generally used (when upgrading between major EPS releases the Overwrite options might be recommended by your system supplier).

Here, when you select the Continue Install command button, the files from the installation Diskettes or CD will be expanded and placed into your EPS installation directory with appropriate shortcut/menu information. 

Before installation is complete you will be asked some information about your computer and telephone information, this information can also be entered via the WinDirs Utility.

If you are doing a server installation the installation process will scan your installation directory looking for an existing Event Processing Database.  If it finds one you will be given an option to upgrade it to the latest version.  Unless you are instructed to skip this option, this option should always be selected.

Last Modified: February 11, 2003