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The following applications provide various means of displaying person/item location information.

Alarms2 Icon alarms2 - Remote Alarm Display task Alarms2 Info
EPhttp1 Icon epHttp1 - Creates Dynamic Web Pages based on Browser requests.      
Find Icon find - Desktop client application used to locate people or view locations Find Info
ListLoc Icon listLoc - Person/Item display application by group List Locate Info
Locate Icon locate - General purpose person/item location viewer (replaced by locateLt) Locate Info
LocateLt Icon locateLt - View person/item location and phone information LocateLt Info
LocWatch Icon locWatch - Views and alerts persons/items at a specified location LocWatch Info
LowBatt Icon lowBatt - CollectIR low battery reporting utility LowBatt Info
Map Icon map - Graphically displays Items/Alarms on floorplan (dxf file) Map Info
Monitor Icon monitor - EPS transaction monitor to view selected data from the EP Monitor Information
PAview Icon paView - Executone's Patient Track client viewing application Patient View Application
ProxPic Icon proxPic - Displays a picture of a person/item based EPS events (from ProxIO) ProxPic Info
ReelView Icon reelView - Client interface to Reel Tracking Information Reel View Info
ShowDde Icon showDde - EPS transaction monitor to view selected data from EP (raw data) ShowDDE Info
aBuffer Icon tAssure- Decodes/Displays New-ID Strobe Information and sends to Event Processor   
TagWatch Icon tagWatch - Monitors and alerts on tag state changes Tag Watch Info

Last Modified: 11 February, 2003