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The following is a listing and brief description of all EPS Database applications.

accessDbA.gif (4097 bytes) accessDb - Access DB History Recorder (obsolete)
Addio Icon addio - Add IO Definition to the EPS Database Add IO Info
AddList Icon addList - Add list of Item or Location to the EPS Database Add List Info
AutoStop Icon autostop - Automatically unassigns tags at a specified sensor AutoStop Info
BuildDB Icon buildDB - Builds\Imports EPS Database (MS Access) BuildDb Info
BuildDTL Icon buildDTL - Builds\Imports Detail Database (MS Access) BuildDtl Info
CurrentDb Icon currentDb - Selectively writes current Tag/Item location to the EPS Database Current DB Info
dbEntry Icon dbEntry - EPS Database Add/Modify/Delete utility DBentry Info
dtlEntry Icon dtlEntry - EPS Detail Database Add/Modify/Delete utility Detail Entry
epsPass Icon epsPass - Password Maintenance utility. EPS Setup Info
HistryDb Icon histryDb - Selectively logs Tag/Item movements to the EPS Database History DB Info
Incident Icon incident - EPS Detail Incident Reporting/Data entry application Incident Info
Maintain Icon maintain - EPS Detail Scheduled Maintenance application Maintainence Info
StareLog Icon StateLog - Writes Tag State information to EPS Database info.gif (955 bytes)
ProxWiz Icon proxWiz - Wizard used to assign tags/pictures used by ProxPic ProxWiz Info
RepColl Icon repColl - CollectIR collector replacement utility Replace Collector Info
RFwiz Icon rfWiz - Wizard used to assign tags and receivers used by ButtonIo Application Rf Wizard Info
TagIt Icon tagIt - Tag/Group assignment application TagIt Info
WOentry Icon woEntry - EPS Detail Work Order entry application Work Order Entry Info

Last modified: 11 February, 2003