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24 Jan 2000 New-Id Tassure/FreshLok Information Updated

15 March 1999    Changed EPS Main EPS Diagram to show Web Interface  Add New Iconapplications.

1 March 1999     EPS Web Products enter Beta Test

15 January 1999    First Demonstation of EPS Data to Internet Posted

12 August 1998    Re-published updated information.

10 August 1998    New Home Page
                           Most Application information now included (85 Applications contain Information)

15 July 1998        Reel Tracking Products added

14 July 1998        ProxPic and App Info Available labels added to indicate product pages with addition information.

10 July 1998        Initial Application information added
                          All applications pages "Under Construction"

26 June 1998      Initial Web Information posted
                         No application navigation implemented 


Last modified: February 11, 2003