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Ascii Icon    The ASCII Output Task writes EPS events to an Ascii text file.
The Ascii output utility is a logging utility which writes either all events from the Event Processor or Movement events to an Ascii text file.  The fields that are output to this file are user definable.  The output file can be setup to rollover at specified times.  This allows for smaller Ascii event files.  This utility is useful when configuring a new system to capture the events being sent from the Event Processor.   The typical ASCII output status screen appears as seen below.
ascii_s1.gif (3153 bytes)
Here we can see that Movement Events are being logged, the output file and when that file will change next.

The ASCII options screen appears as seen below.
ascii_s2.gif (5241 bytes)
Here the type of events (All or Movement) is set.  If a filter is specified it is defined here. 
This is also where the ASCII Output file format is defined.  The Output Definition screen is seen below.
ascii_s3.gif (5686 bytes)
All output fields are fixed length unless Delimited Output is specified.  Delimited output should be used if the Output data is to be imported into a spreadsheet.  CR/LF should be specified if the file is to be edited or viewed with a test editor.  A section of a typical Ascii Output file is shown below.
ascii_s4.gif (9148 bytes)

Last Modified: February 11, 2003