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The following is an alphabetical listing and brief description of all EPS Applications

Addios Icon addios - Add IO Definitions to the EPS Database Add IO Info
AddList Icon addList - Add list of Items or Locations to the EPS Database Add List Info
Alarms Icon alarms - Generate Alarms based on Events Alarms Info
Alarms2 Icon alarms2 - Remote Alarm viewing Alarms2 Info
AlrmView Icon alrmview - Views and Reports on Logged Alarms Alarm View Info
ALserver Icon alServer - Centralized Alert coordination Application ALserver Info
Ascii Icon ascii - Writes EPS events to a Ascii text file (chronological) Ascii Info
Asset Icon asset - Writes EPS events to a Ascii text file (by tag) Asset Info
AtDance Icon atDance - Time/Attendance application AtDance Info
Atwork Icon atwork - EPS interface to Ansos AtWork acuity system AtWork Info
AutoStop Icon autostop - Automatically unassigns tags at a specified sensor AutoStop Info
BuildDB Icon buildDB - Builds\Imports EPS Database (MS Access) info.gif (955 bytes)
BuildDTL Icon buildDTL - Builds\Imports Detail Database (MS Access) info.gif (955 bytes)
ButtonIo Icon buttonIO - Sends RF Button press actions to the Event Processor ButtonIo Info
Cir232 Icon cir232 - Sends RS-232 CollectIR tag data to the Event Processor CIR232 Info
CmdCtl Icon cmdctl - Sends user defined Ascii data to RS232 control devices (camera) CmdCtl Info
CoTagIo Icon coTagIo - Sends CoTag wandering patient data to the Event Processor CoTag Io Info
CurrentDb Icon currentDb - Selectively writes current Tag/Item location to the EPS Database CurrentDB Info
DbEntry Icon dbEntry - EPS Database Add/Modify/Delete utility dbEntry Info
DtlEntry Icon dtlEntry - EPS Detail Database Add/Modify/Delete utility Detail Entry Info
EPSback Icon epsBack - EPS Backup utility EPS Backup Info
EPhttp1 Icon epHttp1 - Creates Dynamic Web Pages based on Browser requests.       
edlight.gif (1461 bytes) edLight - Emergency Department light control system.
epsPass Icon epsPass - Password Maintenance utility. EPS Setup Info
EPSsetup Icon epsSetup - EPS Installation utility EPS Setup Info
EPtimer Icon epTimer - Generates EPS events at timed intervals EPtimer Info
M64dial Icon exm64 - Desktop dialing interface for Executone M64 phone M64 Phone Info
EventPrc Icon EventPrc - Event Processor; The primary communications server EP Inf0
Find Icon find - Desktop client application used to locate people or view locations Find Info
Group Icon group - Writes EPS events to a Ascii text file (by group) Group Info
History DB Icon histryDb - Selectively logs Tag/Item movements to the EPS Database History DB Info
ILSmsgs Icon ilsMsgs - Sends badge information from Executone's ILS system to EP IlsMsgs Info
Incident Icon incident - EPS Detail Incident Reporting/Data entry application Incident Info
LightBrd Icon lightBrd - EPS location/filter status and control application Light Board Info
ListAdmn Icon listAdmn - List Locate setup/administration utility List Admin Info
ListLoc Icon listLoc - Person/Item display application by group List Locate Info
Locate Icon locate - General purpose person/item location viewer (replaced by locateLt) Locate Info
LocateLt Icon locateLt - View person/item location and phone information LocateLt Info
Location Icon location - Writes EPS events to an Ascii text file (by location) Location Info
LocWatch Icon locWatch - Views and alerts persons/items at a specified location LocWatch Info
LowBatt Icon lowBatt - CollectIR low battery reporting utility LowBatt Info
Maintain Icon maintain - EPS Detail Scheduled Maintenance application Maintenance Info
Map Icon map - Graphically displays Items/Alarms on floorplan (dxf file) Map Info
Monitor Icon monitor - EPS transaction monitor to view selected data from the EP Monitor Information
MoveTag moveTag - Allows manual movement of Tags/Items MoveTag Info
MRserver Icon mrServer - Output interface to Executone's Management Reporting System MRserver Info
MRtest Icon mrtest - Test transmit application to mrServer Application MRtest Info
NetIo Icon netio - Network IO utility to control relays and monitor contacts Net IO Info
PageNow Icon pagenow - Send an alphanumeric page via pager server PageNow Info
Pager Icon pager - Network interface for alphanumeric paging (on site/local/national) Paging Server Info
PaRpt Icon paRpt - Patient track reporting Patient Track Reporting Info
PathTrak Icon pathTrak - Monitors specific tags/paths for deviations Path Track Info
PAtrack Icon paTrack - Central Patient Track data entry application Patient Track Info
PAview Icon paView - Executone's Patient Track client viewing application Patient View Info
PlayBack Icon playBack - Replays logged movements events back to the Event Processor Playback Info
ProxIoA Icon proxIo - Sends badge reads from Hughes Prox Card System to the EP or ProxPic ProxIO Info
ProxPic Icon proxPic - Displays a picture of a person/item based EPS events (from ProxIO) ProxPic Info
ProxWiz Icon proxWiz - Wizard used to assign tags/pictures used by ProxPic ProxWiz Info
Prt2page Icon prt2page - Sends selected serial data out as an Alphanumeric Page Print-to-Pager Info
qServer Icon qServer - Network Query Server (w/serial query interface) Qserver Info
ReelPlay Icon reelPlay - Replays ReelTrak events back to Event Processor Reel Play Info
ReelRpt Icon reelRpt - ReelTrak reporting application Reel Report Info
ReelSrv Icon reelSrv - Interface to Paper Mill Host system (host<->EP) Reel Server Info
ReelTrak Icon reelTrak - Real-Time Paper Mill spool/product tracking application  Reel Track Info
ReelView Icon reelView - Client interface to Reel Tracking Information Reel View Info
RepColl Icon repColl - CollectIR collector replacement utility Replace Collector Info
ReportDb Icon reportDb - EPS reporting application Report DB Info
Reports Icon reports - Executone ILS/EPS reporting application Reports Info
RFidin Icon rfIdin - Decodes RF button data and sends to the ButtonIo Application RFid Input Info
RFwiz Icon rfWiz - Wizard used to assign tags and receivers used by ButtonIo Application RF Wizard Info
ShowDde Icon showDDE - EPS transaction monitor to view selected data from the EP (raw data) ShowDDE Info
SimplexA Icon simplex - Sends Simplex fire/alarm data to the Event Processor Simplex Info
skio.gif (1485 bytes) skio - Sends Silent Knight security data to the Event Processor SKIO Info
SSentry Icon ssentry - Security interface to decode and send call data to the EP SSentry Info
SStest Icon ssTest - Security Sentry test application SStest Info
StareLog.gif (1561 bytes) StateLog - Writes Tag State information to EPS Database info.gif (955 bytes)
StateJpg Icon StateJPG - Generates JPEG State Graphs based on Web Requests through EPhttp1. SubCheck Info
StateRpt Icon StateRpt - Generates State reports based on user specified parmaters. SubCheck Info
SubCheck Icon subCheck - CollectIR subnet inspection utility SubCheck Info
SubNetIo Icon subNetIo - CollectIR network interface to send data to the Event Processor info.gif (955 bytes)
TagIt Icon tagIt - Tag/Group assignment application TagIt Info
TagWatch Icon tagWatch - Monitors and alerts on tag state changes Tag Watch Info
aBuffer Icon Tassure - Decodes/Displays New-ID Strobe data and sends events to the Event Processor   
TimedRun Icon timedRun - Schedules applications to be run at specified times/frequencies TimedRun Info
VipIo Icon vipIo - Sends VIP wandering patient data/alarms to the Event Processor  VIPIO Info
VisiNet Icon visiNet - Sends CodeAlert wandering patient data to the Event Processor VisiNet Info
WatchDog Icon watchDog - Starts and monitors that specified application are running Watch Dog Info
WinDirs Icon winDirs - EPS configuration display/management utility WinDirs Info
WoEntry Icon woEntry - EPS Detail Work Order entry application Work Order Entry Info
Zettler Icon zettler - EPS to Zettler output task Zettler Info
zTest Icon zTest - Zettler test output application Show Zettler Info

Last modified: 11 February, 2003