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Tcubed specializes in interfacing to real time tracking and security systems which use either RF or IR data delivery products.   Tcubed is the creator of the Event Processing System which is designed to  interface to a wide variety of input and output devices. The following diagram is by no means all inclusive.  There are over 105 applications implemented by Tcubed, others have been implemented by third parties using the EPS Application Program Interface (API).  This diagram is intended to indicate the high degree of modularity which exists within the Event Processing System. The communications lines shown between applications can be DDE, NetBios or TCPIP.  This allows the Event Processing system to easily be implemented in a stand-alone environment, across a Local Area Network or over the Internet. 

Event Processing System Flow Diagram

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The Event Processing System
A set of applications that take action when a user defined event occurs.


The ProxPic Application Set
A set of applications used to display Images when a Prox Card is seen.


Reel Track Application Set
A real-time factory automation product set used to display work-in-progress and inventory.



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